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seedlingsPetersonís Riverview Nursery, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality planting stock to growers throughout the Midwest and beyond. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service and the quality of our trees. Located in the southwest corner of Michigan, our nursery thrives in sandy soils and moderate temperatures due to the close proximity of Lake Michigan. This soil type and climate allows us to produce a wide variety of evergreen species. We produce trees for anyone, whether it is Christmas tree growers, landscapers, foresters, conservation districts, fundraisers, or homeowners. We would like to thank all of our customers in over 20 states that we have had the opportunity to serve over the last 15 years and look forward to continuing our relationships in the future.

fieldIn addition to the nursery, Petersonís also produces wreaths and garland that we provide to our customers during the Christmas season. The same commitment to quality and service that the nursery receives is also applied towards the wreath making process. Our wreaths have been honored with numerous state and national awards through the years. Something new we are offering is the ability for anyone to purchase our award-winning wreaths through this website. Please visit the Shop On-line and Wreaths & Trees pages for more information.

Petersonís Riverview Nursery, LLC operates a choose&cut Christmas tree farm during each holiday season as well. The tree farm has been in existence as long as the nursery has operated and provides us a way to utilize land that is not suitable for nursery production. We offer four main varieties of Christmas trees for choose and cut or freshly precut trees. What started as a means to pay for college educations, the choose and cut tree farm has grown into an important part of our business and is something we enjoy greatly.

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